5 Ways to Meet Your Facebook Audience’s Needs

5 Ways to Meet Your Facebook Audience’s Needs

Facebook has become one of the most effective marketing tools thank to its easy to use interface, ability to reach a fine-tuned target audience and the interaction directly with your subscribers to help convert turn them into clients.

The cold hard facts are particularly impressive…

Running Facebook fan pages is a must for any moden marketer with a goal of increasing sales.

But like all new tools and techniques, there are some important aspects to consider. When you promote your service/product on Facebook, do you know what goals to put first? Nobody is interested in your product until it can solve customers’ problems. If you want to grab and hold your audience’s attention, you need to first satisfy their needs.

This might sound like a daunting task but we’ve put together a list of 5 ways to make it easy for you.


1. Pay Attention to Fans’ Comments 

You may be surprised at the amount of helpful information your fans can leave in the comments section below your posts. They often post comments that can help you understand their needs better and spot patterns for things you have overlooked. This often happens because you are simply too close to your product/service.

A common mistake is for retailers to forgot to include the price of their product/service. People want to save time, so they visit your Facebook page to find what they are looking for. If you don’t include the price in the post, then you must be kind to reply to customers’ requests faster. It helps them make buying decisions and if they have shown enough interest to ask the price, they are highly likely to purchase.

Regular page monitoring is important to reply to comments fast and earn customers’ loyalty. Moreover, it helps to get useful insights about their needs and learn where you can improve.


2. Ask Questions in Posts

Most content marketers know the secret power of a CTA (call to action). It entices potential customers to keep on discussing your product, share their thoughts on it, and interact with each other. While it’s a proven way to keep your fans engaged, it also helps to understand your audience’s needs more by gaining useful insights into how your product is being received.

For example, you can ask them different questions in your posts, and their replies can be insights for your further (sales) posts. There is no better way to understand what your customers want than by asking them directly.


3. Keep Up With Your Competitors 

Whatever your niche is, regardless of the industry, you will have competitors! Acknowledging this fact is half the battle. Once you’ve established who and where your competitors are, you should try to reach the same audience of your competitors. This audience have already shown an interest so they are instant warm leads.

Obviously, it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to understand what your audience wants, but you can save your time if you keep an eye on your competitors. Learning from them is a proven way to avoid making their mistakes again and will enable a much more efficient route to market.

Start by following your competitors, reading their posts, observing their fans’ reaction, and try to understand how to improve your content to avoid any mistakes they are making.


4. Follow Social Media Trends

Every niche has its trends, and using them helps to maximize the results as you can reach your subscribers and engage them! Every marketer should know current social media trends to make the most out of using social networks best suited to your target demographic.

The more you know, the better (more relevant) your content strategy will be.

Although a good Facebook post should have a text message and a photo, there are many other ways to reach your fans faster. For instance, you can embrace any of these modern trends:

  • live stream videos (demonstrations of your product/service)
  • video content (deliver a message and engage with customers)
  • Facebook shops (add another channel to minimise the barrier to entry on mobile)

Knowing trends can be extremely useful, especially if you know that your audience loves new features and respond to them better. Your demographic will dictate which trends or channels you should embrace. If you are targeting 60+ males then you are not going to get much of a response streaming live videos on Facebook.


5. Analyze Page Insights

If you have spent some time crafting and publishing posts on Facebook, you can get more information about your fans and potential customers by analyzing page insights.

Every Facebook fan page has data that helps to understand what works well for your audience. Plus it is completely free and easy to use.

If you don’t know where to start, read this analysis guide. Once you know which areas of your content strategy are most popular, you can begin to better understand your audience’s needs and the medium in which they best respond to. The image above might appear daunting at first but by putting in the extra effort to understand it, you will soon begin to reap the rewards in increased conversions and sales.


To Sum Up

Your audience will increases your sales. If you can give them what they want, they will keep coming back for more. The one common theme for popular Facebook pages is that the fans want the brand to understand them and satisfy their needs. While understanding their needs takes a lot of work and time, it’s a sure fire way to build an audience and convert them into clients.


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