5 Top Social Media Marketing Tips

5 Top Social Media Marketing Tips

Digital marketing can be a bit of a minefield. As a small business owner in this day and age you need to know plenty about how social networks work and how to take advantage of them. Below are 5 useful social media marketing tips to help tackle that daunting digital marketing world.


Tip #1

Post content at a time when people will engage with it. At Design Chimp we work with many small business who encounter the same problem of content going unnoticed. By simply changing the call to action on your content and ads, you can increase click through rates dramatically.

For example, “Pay Weekend Offers” is a headline that gets us a high click through rate if we post this on the Friday morning of the last weekend of the month. But posting it on a Monday morning at the start of the month is simply a waste of time.


Tip #2

Regardless if its Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, they all want your advertising spend. This is no ground-breaking secret; online advertising has become a huge source of revenue for these social media sites. But we feel that small business owners need to retain an element of control of their user base. To get as much bang for your marketing buck as possible we recommend factoring in some data capture on your website.

If you visit design-chimp.com you will see a pop-up that offers you “Want to find out the tips that we used to make a client £100,000 in the last few months using Facebook Ads alone?” This one pop-up has increased our email database by hundreds of addresses over the last couple of months. We then use this data for our email marketing campaigns, this has also reduced our online advertising spend as once someone clicks on our website once we want to capture their data straight away.


Tip #3

Facebook reactions. At the end of February 2017 Facebook rolled out its version of emojis (Reactions) to the majority of its users. Reactions give users more ways to express how they feel about your status updates. Snickers and Krispy Kreme have used Facebook Reactions to see how their user base reacts to certain products. These two brands are an exception though as the majority of brands haven’t harnessed Facebook Reactions yet.

The opportunity is huge; all you have to do is ask your visitors to “use Facebook Reactions to tell us how you feel about this picture”. The picture could be a product, plate of food, stunning view etc. Try and get creative with what you have at your disposal and get your users more engaged with you and your brand.


Tip #4

Images are needed to make content stand out. Again, this is no secret but for us using good images is vitally important. We’ve worked with a number of companies in the travel sector and have asked our fans to send us in images of their travelling. With their consent we then use the images in our content strategy to attract other potential customers with similar experiences, preferences and backgrounds.

But regardless of what industry you are in, you can easily get creative and think of ways to get good images either from your staff or your customers.


Tip #5

Test, test and test. When it comes to advertising on social media, you definitely need to try before you buy. We have recently had huge success on Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. For one client we have made them £10,450 from a £321 ad spend, with over 450 website conversions.

We have also had huge success on Facebook’s new Canvas ads. Start with a small budget and test your ads with these products. You don’t need to spend more than £5 per ad per day to get useful test results. Once you find which ads are performing the best, then you can up your ad spend.


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