6 Reasons to use the New Domain Extensions for your Business

6 Reasons to use the New Domain Extensions for your Business


The vast majority of us will have come across the .com, .net or .gov domain names. Some of you will even have come across – or even registered – domains ending with .au, .de and co.uk. But are you aware of the growing trend of the new domain extensions, such as .club or .marketing?

New domain extensions, or generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) to give them their proper title, have gone on sale over the past few years and believe it or not there are now nearly 900 TLDs available.

However, there is a significant gap between availability and awareness. According to an ICANN survey, it was revealed that 54% of respondents couldn’t name a single one of the +500 domain extensions launched since 2013. The consequence: Businesses tend to focus on a limited set of domain extensions. Not because these extensions are better, but because they don’t know any better.

It’s time to stop confusing your customers with skipped vowels and incorrect spellings just to get a short domain name that sort-of fits your company name. What’s more, founders should no longer have to name their companies after the best domain name they can find!

Here are 10 reasons to think about one of the new extensions the next time you register a domain.


1. Availability

If www.yourcompanyname.com is taken, don’t worry because you’ll be able to make use of the new domain extensions that are most appropriate your business. For example, a photographer can use .photography, a tech company can use a .tech and a golf shop can use .golf. More generic options also exist for new domain extensions in the form of .site and .online.

The sheer range also means you no longer need to stick to one domain name. Your next marketing campaign will seem a lot more polished with its own dedicated domain. For example a Black Friday sale could be hosted at .blackfriday, making it a marketers dreams to experiment with.

2. Better Branding

The introduction of new domain extensions make it possible to give more meaningful and memorable and names to your business.  Perhaps the most successful example of this has been coffee.club – a subscription coffee company, which has has fantastic marketing and online presence thanks to it’s catchy domain name. When you see the URL, you’ve already got a pretty good idea what to expect when you get there.

You can also improve brand recall with a shorter and more catchy name. For example, anchor.host is featured as the top result for a Google search for ‘anchor host’ and the company, Anchor Hosting, a WordPress hosting company, has ditched the longer www.anchorhost.com.

3. Price

It’s not unusual for a four-letter .com domain that’s not even a real word in the English dictionary to cost upwards of a few thousand pounds. SEDO currently has ‘vajj’ listed at a buy it now price of $7,500 and  ‘qbi’ at $200,000. The same names – or indeed much better names, could be bought on almost every new extension for less than £30 – which is a massive cost saving!

4. Loved by Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a major consideration for a lot of new online companies and you are right to be hesitant about adopting any new technology that might harm the SEO of your website. But the good news is that Google have openly said that they do not penalise new domain extension. Infact Google have even applied for and owns many new domain extensions like .how.

Google cleared up the issue when they explained – “our systems treat new gTLDs just like other gTLDs (like .com & .org)”  and they even provide documentation on how to move your existing website to a new extension without greatly impacting search rankings or history.

5. Big Brands are Leading the Way

If you need some ‘social proof’ before you consider doing with one of the new domain extensions, you should know that General Motors are the latest in a long list to launch a new website on a new domain extension with generalmotors.green.

Ultimately, you should be most concerned about snapping up appropriate new domain extensions before your competitors do. The new domain extensions are still in their early days but demand is likely to become greater as time goes on. Registering new domain extension names relevant to your business will keep others from grabbing them later, potentially much to your frustration and at your expense.

6. Improve Locality Identification

Many cities have been registering their own top level domains. If your business has an address in New York, then .nyc is perfect. However, many more are popping up, including .berlin, .dubai and .london and they make up just a few of the many geographic domains available. The Eiffel tower has even moved it’s official page to www.toureiffel.paris.

This is perfect if you have a local business and you want to reinforce that connection and be found by local customers. The same will also work for a company expanding into new areas by separating different geographic branches into various microsites with different new domain extensions.


From the traction new domains have seen since they were released, there’s no doubt that they will have an enormous impact on startups and a variety of other industries as well. For a full list of available new domain extensions use this domain checker.


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