5 Time Saving Tools Every Small Business Should Use

time saving tools for small business

5 Time Saving Tools Every Small Business Should Use

As a small business owner you probably wish you could find that magic tool that allows you to pack more than 24 hours into a day. Sadly this doesn’t quite exist yet but there are some really great tools that will help you to be more productive and handle those horrible tasks such as finance, admin and email.

We have highlighted 5 of our favorite time saving tools for making those dull but often very crucial day-to-day tasks more efficient, so you can get on with the important stuff.

1. Google Docs
Google Docs is an online collaboration and file management service to help make your life easier. Upload and manage all of your documents, spreadsheets etc to the cloud for easy retrieval at a later date. And because it’s Google, the service ties in well with your existing Gmail account and it’s completely free!

2. Basecamp
Similar to Google Docs, Basecamp will make managing projects incredibly simple. As one of the more popular project management services, the software focuses on communications, idea sharing, and workload allocations. Basecamp offers email notifications for when team members post comments or upload project files. And with a mobile app, Basecamp allows you to manage all of your projects even when your team isn’t in the office.

3. Rescue Time
Rescue Time is a simple analytics tools to help you understand and monitor your time spent online. To start, tell Rescue Time what you consider to be productive and what’s not productive (e.g. online shopping). After each week, Rescue Time provides an in-depth report and shows you the time spent on certain websites. This gives you an idea for which habits you need to break and where to constructively spend more time managing your small business.

4. PhoneTag
PhoneTag is a service that will convert voice messages to text format, and then send them to you via email. Personally we think this is fantastic. Think about how often someone may leave a phone number, address, or driving directions, and writing it down may take 2-3 playbacks? Now, you’ll have all the detailed information in text format, making your life much easier. What’s more, each email contains an .MP3 file of the recorded message for your reference.

5. Catch the Best
Catch the Best makes the hiring process that much easier. It makes it possible to collaborate with the rest of your team by sharing, rating and tracking job applications and CVs. This team-effort style of hiring surely helps to ensure the best-fit for any position.

Have you used any of the tools above? Or have we missed a great little tool that you swear by? Let us know by commenting below!

Steven McComb

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  • J Wills August 14, 2014 12:41 pm

    Thanks for sharing. ProofHub is also a time saving tool as it covers many fields like time tracking, to-do’s, proofing, group chat, gantt chart, discussions all under one roof. Suites well for small businesses.